Zampa Rosé

Our handcrafted wine Zampa Rosé has a dark pink salmon colour. Aromas of red berries, strawberries and red currants predominate its nose, with a hint of sweet flavour that gives depth, complexity and freshness. It combines best with poultry dishes, Caesars salad, cottage cheese and pasta.


Dark Salmon pink with youthful red hue.


Red berries, strawberries and red currants predominate on the nose with a hint of confectionery to give depth and complexity.


Appealingly fresh and soft in style, the fruit flavours are fresh red berries and red currants complemented by a lingering, strawberry fruit finish that is both clean, crisp and delectable.

Serving Temperature

Best served chilled at 8°C-10°C.

Grape Variety



food pairing

Enjoy it with poultry dishes, caesar salad, cottage cheese or pasta.

Cocktail Ideas

Beauty Elixir

3 Oz. Wine + 1 Oz. Gin + strawberry Puree + Lime Juice + Syrup.


  • Shake all ingredients in shaker.
  • Serve in to Hi- ball glass.