Art Collection Shiraz Rosé

Our Art Collection  Shiraz Rosé is raspberry pink in colour with shades of orange. It has delicate aromas of rose with wonderful flavours of cherry and strawberry jam. Rekha Rodwittya, the famous Indian painter, is fascinated by the representation of the female figure.On the Grover Vineyards Rosé, she found the perfect vocabulary to represent a woman without objectifying her.


Silver at the Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2017.

Commended at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2016.



Light cherry with shades of pink rosé.


Intense bouquet of berries and sherry.


Prude, fruity, light bodied and smooth.

Serving Temperature

Serve chilled at 8°C-10°C.

Grape Variety



food pairing

Relish it with mildly spiced preparations of fish & poultry, light stir fries & gentle aromatic cuisine.

Cocktail Ideas

Beauty Elixir

3 Oz. Wine + 1 Oz. Gin + strawberry Puree + Lime Juice + Syrup.


  • Shake all ingredients in shaker.
  • Serve in to Hi- ball glass.