Signet Shiraz – 24 months in French Barriques

Crafted with passion and a commitment to quality, the Signet Shiraz is a dry medium-bodied wine with complex layers of cherry, dark chocolate, and hints of red berry fruit. Aged in French Barriques for 24 months, the wine produces earthiness, ripe tannins, and an oak finish, with rich aromas that mingle elegantly. A concoction for connoisseurs who appreciate the craft of wine-making, the Signet Shiraz 24 months in French Oak Barrels is a wine you can enjoy for all occasions. 


Dark cherry red 


Rich aromas of red berry, black olive, prune, vanilla, tobacco and hints of violet aromas, mingle elegantly giving a leathery character and a deep level of complexity. 


A dry medium bodied wine, with complex layers of cherry, dark chocolate and hints of red berry fruit. Earthiness, ripe tannins and oak fuse into the wine seamlessly unfolding a long and smooth finish.

Serving Temperature

Best served at 16-18°C

Grape Variety

Shiraz from a single vineyard Unfiltered wine – retains natural mouthfeel and phenolics. 


food pairing

Savour it with a light roast or red meat, kebabs, some light cheese, or even mildly spiced Asian cuisine.