Signet Shiraz -12 months in Amphora

Crafted for those who appreciate finesse, precision, and traditional vinification practices, the Signet Shiraz is aged for 12 months in porous terracotta Amphoras that help soften its tannins. This process gives the wine a deep, rich structure and an exceptional intensity. With rich aromas of prunes, black cherries, and earthy minerality, the deep red wine is the result of years of tradition and craftsmanship. An expression of the terroir from the single estate in which the Shiraz grapes grow, Signet Amphora is accentuated by a well-balanced roundness, and a long finish on the palate. 


Deep garnet red


Ripe prunes and black cherries with earthy minerality.


The porous structure of terracotta clay allows micro-oxygenation, which helps to soften the tannins giving a deep and rich structure, without additional flavours. This wine offers exceptional intensity and a notable freshness that is accentuated by well-balanced roundness, velvet tannins and a rare long finish on the palate.

Serving Temperature

Best served at 15°C

Grape Variety

Shiraz from a single vineyard Unfiltered wine – retains natural mouthfeel and phenolics.


food pairing

Savour with simple salads or by itself.