Santé Shiraz

Santé is the french term for cheers! Our Santé Red is produced with Shiraz grapes with original cartoon by the famous Mario Miranda.It’s a fruity wine by nature with black pepper, black berries and spicy aromas. It’s the perfect drink to be served as an aperitif and will wonderfully match your finger food as well as your medium to heavy meat spiced dishes.

Best enjoyed when cheered with friends!


Elegant light red.


Black berries and spicy aromas.


Smooth and soft finish.

Serving Temperature

Serve cool at 16°C-18°C."

Grape Variety



food pairing

Pairs well with spicy, full flavoured cheese, vegetable curries or red meat.

Cocktail Ideas

Red Hot Summer

4 Oz. Wine + 3 to 4 Drops Lemon Juice + Soda


  • Pour wine and lemon juice on the top of ice.
  • Stir for 10 seconds.
  • Topped up with Club soda.