Vendanges Tardives

Deriving its name from the French word for ‘late harvest’, the exquisitely crafted sweet wine Vendanges Tardives was first launched in May 2019. The golden yellow allure is prepared from Viognier grapes that are left to ripen for longer on the vines. The concentrated sugars in the juice are aged on lees and matured in French oak barrels for a year, resulting in a rich and intense dessert wine. A mineral character intermingled with hints of oak, citrus zest, enjoy the delicious aroma of spices and apricot with every sip.


Golden yellow


Floral notes with traces of spices and apricot


A rich, intense, full-bodied dessert wine with hints of oak, citrus zest and a mineral character

Serving Temperature

chilled at 7 to 9º C

Grape Variety

Late Harvest Viognier

food pairing

Best enjoyed with blue cheese, goat cheese, fruit tarts & mildly sweet desserts.