One Tree Hill Red

Somewhere in Sahyadri Valley lies tranquil Sanjegaon. Here the vineyards of Grover Zampa are blessed with fertile soil, purified by the Godavari river, that flanks the vineyard. Grover Zampa vineyard, now demystifies its age-old legend of the One Tree Hill, by bottling it as premium wine, Being an inspiration for the name, the solitary mango tree, perched atop a hill, protects and looks over the Grover Zampa vineyard. Under its watchful gaze, One Tree Hill was made with utmost perfection and skill.


Deep red.


Plum & Blackcurrant with whiffs of spicy green pepper.


Well balanced with smooth and round tannins. Long finish with cocoa notes.

Serving Temperature

Serve cool at 16°C-18°C.

Grape Variety

Blend of Carbernet, Shiraz and Zinfandel.


food pairing

Pairs well with pasta, pizza, meat & curries.

Cocktail Ideas

Burgandy Bubbler

Wine + Gin + Gingerale + Lime Juice


  • Shake all the ingredients in a shaker except Gingerale.
  • Topped up with Gingerale and Serve.