Chêne Chardonnay

The alluring pale golden Chêne Grand Reserve Chardonnay draws inspiration from the mighty oak tree for its admirable qualities of strength, commitment and joy. After procuring the peerless Chardonnay grapes from our esteemed estate vineyards, the process of making this refined white wine takes almost nine months. Fermented and aged in French oak barrels, each sip bears an intense flavour of apple, pear, and green plum balanced with the delicate aromas of nectarine, hazelnuts, vanilla, and crème brûlée. This full-bodied delight can be enjoyed with mildly spiced Indian curries and lightly cooked seafood, making it the best expression of Indian terroir.


Pale golden yellow


Subtle and elegant aromas of nectarine, hazelnuts, vanilla, and crème brûlèe.


Concentrated flavours of apple, pears and green plum with noticeable acidity, full-body, a rich, creamy texture with a toasty flavour, and hints of vanilla from oak ageing.

Serving Temperature

Best served chilled at 8-10ºC

Grape Variety



food pairing

Pairs well with light and delicate foods such as steamed or grilled fish, lightly cooked crab, prawns, pasta, and risotto with spring vegetables. Will also go well with cream enhanced soups, mildly spiced creamy Indian curries with spinach, potatoes, fish, and poultry.